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More deaths from flu and pneumonia than from Covid-19 since June in the UK


  • The case of the 80 year old man who died from Covid- 19 in January 2020

  • In September 2020, England recorded the lowest number of deaths by Covid since March

  • The actual number of deaths by Covid cannot be known

According to the latest ONS data, influenza and pneumonia have claimed more lives every week than the Covid-19 since mid-June. The numbers of flu deaths are provided by the ONS (Office of NationalStatistics in the UK), the UK’s national statistics office.

This study reveals that only 78 people died of the corona virus in the first week of September. Now, only one percent of the deaths mention corona virus on the death certificate, compared to 12.8 percent who mention flu and pneumonia. This makes influenza and pneumonia almost 13 times more deadly than COVID-19.

The overall death toll has also plummeted and is now well below the five-year average for England and Wales. There are 1,443 fewer deaths in the most recent weekly figures.

There have been more deaths from flu and pneumonia than deaths that mention Covid-19 since mid-June.

More deaths from influenza in England in September than from Covid


This is the twentieth consecutive week that the number of recorded deaths involving Covid-19 has decreased. It is also the lowest number since the week ending in March 13th, when five deaths were recorded. All figures are provisional and based on death records. This may result in a gap between the date of death and the time of registration.

The ONS figures show that there were 74 deaths from the corona virus in England in the first week of September, four in Wales, three in Northern Ireland, and two in Scotland.  As of 4 September, there had been some 52,420 Covid-19-related deaths in England and Wales, recorded up to 12 September.

The figures published last week by the national registries in Scotland showed that up to September 6th there had been 4,231 Covid-19-related deaths in Scotland. In Northern Ireland there had been 877 deaths up to September 4th and they had been recorded up to September 9th, according to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

The actual number of deaths by Covid cannot be known

Despite the arrival of Covid 19 this year in 2020, the overall number of deaths recorded in the regions of England and Wales was lower than the average of the last five years. While deaths in hospitals, nursing homes and elsewhere were below the five-year average, deaths in private households continue to rise.

Collecting all the data obtained to date, 57,528 deaths have been recorded in the UK, with Covid-19 reported on the death certificate as the cause, although “suspected Covid” cases are also included in this register.

Again, it shows that the exact number of actual deaths by Covid cannot be determined, and that there are countless deaths that have been recorded as “Covid deaths” when this was not the case, despite being PCR positive. It leaves much to be desired that the authenticity of these “positives”, demonstrated countless times that the test results have not been true … Many of them were perhaps deaths from flu.

It is true that there has been talk of the veracity of the Covid-19 test, results that are quite questionable. But there has been no discussion about whether taking this test is safe for your health and the facts leave a terrifying message: A child dies in Saudi Arabia when the test swab breaks in his nose. Read more about this in the following article (link).

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